DuoLift 20mm Self-Levelling Joint


DuoLift 20mm Self-Levelling Joint

Box of 10 Units 


DuoLift 20mm Self-Levelling Joint 

Height Adjustable Modular Joist Cradles for Ultra Low Decks

The DuoLift Joist Pedestal system was designed to make installation significantly easier, providing substantial height flexibility within four (4) stackable components. DuoLift removes the common problem of having to order varying height pedestals for a single area.

  • Height-Adjustable from a low 15mm profile with huge adjustment range of 45mm
  • Strong construction for improved spans and fewer cradles required.
  • For use with H3 or H4 Treated Pine Joists or Hardwood up to 68mm wide. Also compatible with LowDeck joists
  • DuoLift offers a perfect solution for installations on concrete slabs, rooftops, balconies and over waterproof membranes.

The DuoLift Joist Cradles can be used by itself for ultra low height installs or optionally extended with the modular accessories to achieve the self-levelling functionality and additional height ranges up to 350mm.


DuoLift Self-Levelling Joint 20mm

Adding 20mm to the height of the Cradle, the DuoLift Self-Levelling Joint clips in the provide an easy and effective levelling of a sub frame up to 5° degree


DuoLift Adjustable Joist Cradles

DuoLift Adjustable Joist Cradles



Q1. How many units do I get per box of the DuoLift 20mm Self-Levelling Joint?

The DuoLift  Self-Levelling Joint 20mm option come in a box of 10 units.


Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm



Low Deck


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