Camo EdgeXclips


Camo Hidden Deck Fasteners 

Camo EdgeXclips for use with Timber Substrate 


Camo EdgeXclips – Box of 90 Clips



Camo Hidden Deck Fasteners 

Camo EdgeXclips for use with Timber Substrate 


Skip the slow-moving process of creating your deck with standard Hidden Fastener clips with the rapid and multi-functional CAMO EDGEX® Clips. Ideal for use on any grooved deck board, the CAMO EDGEX® Clip can easily be set for multiple boards before being fastened down all in one go. The CAMO EDGEX® Clip features a unique design with adjustable wings on either side, allowing you to install any angled decking pattern that your deck layout requires. Simply pinch together the wings on one side and slide them fully into the board’s groove. Angle the deck board in any direction needed over the joist, and continue working along the deck. With all of your deck boards and clips set in place, move from joist to joist fastening down the clips, and you’re finished.


Get your deck finished even quicker with the helpful and innovative Camo Drive Sand Up Tool to get you up off your hands and knees for an easier installation.


  • Pre-assembled, one-pass fasteners require no partial installation — clips stay in place until you’re ready to fasten
  • Clip is up to 88% stronger than competitors’ clips in lateral movement, and up to 50% stronger in uplift holding power
  • Fasten with the included Never-Miss guide or with the Camo Drive Tool
  • T-15 Driver Bit included
  • DO NOT use Impact Drivers to fasten Camo Clips
Camo EdgeXClip

Camo EdgeXClip


Q1. What size packets is the Camo EdgeXclip available in?

Camo EdgeXclip is available in the following packet sizes:

  • Camo EdgeXclip – Box of 90 clips


Q2. What substrate do you use with the Camo EdgeXclip?

Camo EdgeXclip is for use with a timber substrate.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm


Camo Hidden Fasteners


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